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Established in 2006 T2 Group Oy (2026205-9) business plan is providing warehouse space to marketing and event companies at competitive price levels and offering basic warehouse services like inventory control, element cleaning and repairs. Very quickly we were asked to provide logistics as well as building/assembling services. We started with 400m2 and two customers and today we have over 1500m2 of warehouse space, with possibility for more, between two locations servicing over 20-customers.We run a very flexible operation with regard to customer requirements. We have a deep pool of dependable free-lance workers who have many years experience in our industry and long-term relationships with vendors to help with events that are outside the southern Finnish capital region.

In 2017 I was invited to partner with two others (Niklas “Niki” Lindström & Petri “Pepe” Kaitala) to establish a second company Third Party Oy (2866526-6). 3rdP ( has the same business plan as T2G but for one special caveat – it can handle large oversized elements. We have over 1500m2 of warehouse space in Nurmijärvi where we take care of movie and TV stage elements, sea containers, vehicles of all sizes, outdoor festival elements and indoor fair setups.

Warehouse locations

Lauttasaarentie 50, 00200 Helsinki

Mänkimiehentie 4, 02780 Espoo

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